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Reeher Acquired by Blackbaud

St. Paul, MN (April 30, 2018) — Reeher, the market leader in fundraising performance management for higher education, announced today that it has been acquired…
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capital campaigns are teetering like a overextended jenga tower

5 Capital Campaign Myths Debunked

Most American college and universities use capital campaigns as the guiding structure to attract major gifts and fund large campus initiatives. Campaigns are flashy and…
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Passing the Relay Baton

How Leadership Annual Giving Can Help Build an Integrated, Collaborative Fundraising Office

Annual giving and major giving teams traditionally experience a bit of friction over donors. Often, major gift officers want credit, while annual giving staff don’t…
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Minneapolis skyline

What to See & Do in Minneapolis During Reeher Vista 2018

Sight-Seeing for Your Busy Conference Schedule If you’re joining us in Minneapolis for Reeher Vista Executive Conference, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of presentations, speakers,…
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fundraising news

Higher Ed Fundraising News (July 2018)

Even in the dog days of summer, the higher ed fundraising scene is bubbling with activity. Several institutions hit record-setting fundraising goals, while others watched…
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implementing the Reeher platform

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Reeher Adoption

You’ve done the research, appealed to key stakeholders, and implemented the software that's going to transform your fundraising. You lean back, relax, and wait—now the…
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A Painfree Database Conversion Is Possible

A Pain-Free Database Conversion is Possible (Infographic)

No one likes disrupting their day-to-day workflow and disgruntling their employees with a massive database conversion. It can take a long time, cost a lot…
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5 Fundraising Quotes To Help Managers Identify & Nurture Great Teams

Gift officers act as ambassadors to spread your the story of your institution's value and inspire philanthropy. However, inspired, persuasive fundraisers don’t just appear. It…
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3 Strategies That Make You an Annual Giving Superstar

Annual giving teams don’t have much time, or money, to spare when they’re sending out annual giving appeals. Little wins add up—a donor renews her gift for $500…
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