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Why It Makes Sense to Actively Manage Volunteer Fundraisers’ Portfolios  

Volunteers are more productive and effective fundraisers when they are being actively managed. Clear, organized, and proactive management approaches can transform a volunteer program’s ability to raise money.  

Here’s what you should master to help volunteers be more effective in their work and jumpstart your annual fund’s performance.  

  • Assigning volunteers the right prospects maximizes the number and value of your donations 

The best donor prospects are similar to the volunteers themselves. Regardless of their wealth level, they have a strong affinity to your institution. These constituents could show their love through previous donations, event attendance, and involvement with alumni programs.  

Our research suggests that without guidance, volunteers focus on friends and people they know regardless of their inclination to donate. While volunteers can still choose their contacts, it’s important to use some guiding metrics to help them choose from a pool of prospects with a high likelihood to donate 

  • Delivering organized, detailed lists minimizes confusion and increases productivity.  

Are you still using spreadsheets to distribute prospect lists to your volunteers? Ask yourself, is your current management and distribution method easy for volunteers to understand and simple for staff to manage? Unlike a spreadsheet, Reeher’s Class Agent tool is designed specifically to facilitate the management of large groups of fundraising volunteers. It’s easy for management to present and assign contact lists and easy for volunteers to reach out and connect with their prospects using the tool. 

  • Providing the right resources keeps volunteers on-message and gives them the tools they need to feel confident making the ask.  

Most programs provide volunteers with scripts and talking points, but it can be difficult to keep track of the message. Having an easy, comprehensive way to disseminate messaging provides guidance for tricky questions and situations, helps volunteers know how to make the ask, and improves volunteer confidence and commitment to your cause  

  • Tracking and monitoring progress lets you know what’s working and what isn’t.  

Having a quick, comprehensive way to track and monitor the moving parts in your campaign is critical to your success. When you’re able to monitor volunteers’ activities, you can:  

  • Help those who are struggling or falling behind.  
  • Fix problems before they spiral.  
  • Create reasonable expectations for future campaigns.  
  • Understand which processes do and don’t work.  
  • Fine-tune scripts, messaging, and approach based on effectiveness.  

Would Class Agent provide you and your volunteers with the tools you need for a successful, well-managed campaign? Check it out. 

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