Annual Giving

Passing the Relay Baton

How Leadership Annual Giving Can Help Build an Integrated, Collaborative Fundraising Office

Annual giving and major giving teams traditionally experience a bit of friction over donors. Often, major gift officers want credit,…

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fundraising news

Higher Ed Fundraising News (July 2018)

Even in the dog days of summer, the higher ed fundraising scene is bubbling with activity. Several institutions hit record-setting…

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3 Strategies That Make You an Annual Giving Superstar

Annual giving teams don’t have much time, or money, to spare when they’re sending out annual giving appeals. Little wins add up—a donor…

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7 Fascinating Fundraising Conferences For the Second Half of 2018

Winter and spring can seem like conference rush-hour season for higher ed advancement professionals. Unfortunately, these great industry events tend…

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making a donation via phone

Is Day of Giving Really a Strong Fundraising Model for Higher Ed?

A successful day of giving makes the news: The 2018 Purdue Day of Giving brought in a record $37 million in 24 hours.…

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Why ‘Generational Leaders’ Are Your Fundraising Secret Weapons

The higher-ed fundraising game is changing. Most gift officers treat their “evergreen” donors—those who consistently give year after year—to dinner…

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What Fundraisers Can Learn From Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns and high-performing fundraising appeals have more in common than you might think. At the heart of it,…

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What Fundraisers Need to Know About Social Media

Social media platforms play an enormous role in the way people communicate, gather information, attend events, and make purchases. Many…

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