Database Management

A Painfree Database Conversion Is Possible

A Pain-Free Database Conversion is Possible (Infographic)

No one likes disrupting their day-to-day workflow and disgruntling their employees with a massive database conversion. It can take a…

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Key Areas to Consider When Adding A Gift Officer: Finding Pipeline Prospects

When it comes time to build or expand a major giving team, leaders tend to wrestle with managerial questions such…

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Augment the Power of Your Donor Database

Improve Your Fundraising Outcomes with a Hub and Spoke Technology Infrastructure Data Volume: A Challenge & An Opportunity for Fundraisers Over…

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From Start to Finish: Implementing the Reeher Platform

When a customer joins the Reeher Community, they gain access to a powerful shared-management tool to help them answer important…

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Technically Sophisticated Offices Can Still Do Better

This is part of our series on institution resource profiles. Through working with our customers, Reeher has found that colleges…

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Some Do’s and Don’ts When Writing Contact Reports

In today’s blog, we’d like to take a light-hearted look at some things that really don’t belong in contact reports.…

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