Performance and ROI

implementing the Reeher platform

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Reeher Adoption

You’ve done the research, appealed to key stakeholders, and implemented the software that's going to transform your fundraising. You lean…

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Increasing First-Time Visits by Adding More Gift Officers

Find Value in First-Time Visits What should you consider when deciding whether to add a new gift officer to the…

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How to Assess Your Spending Using the Activity Based Cost Framework

Reeher uses a tool called the Activity Based Cost Framework to compare spending across three primary fundraising activity categories and…

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Where Are Your Best Major Giving Prospects?

Reeher’s research shows that 66% of the best donor prospects remain unidentified and unassigned. These are prospects with both the…

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Small Schools Can Have Manageable Prospect Pools Too

The Valuable Prospect That Slipped Through the Cracks   Gift officers are being assigned portfolios with too many prospects in them. Is…

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Maximizing Gift Officers’ Travel Time  

Have you ever spent weeks carefully orchestrating prospect meetings only to have someone bow out at the last minute? Suddenly, your trip has…

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Fundraising More With Less

With tight budgets, and in many cases, tuition not covering operating costs, institutions have to rely on sound fundraising to…

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Finding the Donors Who Will Provide the Best ROI

Are you trying to find donors and raise money with limited resources? Major gift fundraising has been rebounding post-recession. With the…

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