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Data management can optimize your fundraising

How Donor Data Management Can Optimize Your Fundraising

As every nonprofit professional knows, effective fundraising is key to the success of your organization. That said, there are several…

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Bluebird Gifts – They Come When You Least Expect it and From Unexpected Places

By Amy Baker Reeher has spent years analyzing types of donors who give to higher education institutions. We have even…

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How to Streamline Your Major Gifts Portfolio in 5 Steps

The average officer's major gifts portfolio size has ballooned. Industry standard is to give each gift officer around 150 prospects, but our research…

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How Fundraisers Can Use Alumni Life Stage to Guide Their Interaction

Current Engagement Strategies Aren't Working Understanding the life stage of your alumni helps you engage with them correctly. When your…

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Segmenting Your Constituents with an Eye Toward ROI

Higher ed fundraisers are getting savvy about their outreach to potential donors. Fundraising teams are no longer using a one-size-fits-all approach…

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A Segmentation Strategy That Works for Higher Ed Fundraisers

Does your current segmentation strategy actually identify who is likely to donate and who is not? All too often, institutions base their segmentation strategies off past giving behaviors. Although many donors will…

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Top Donors Are Making Bigger Gifts Than Ever

Between 1987 and 2017, average commitments for top 100 donors have grown across most peer group segments, even adjusted for…

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How to Cultivate Your Best Donors for Lifetime Value

Balancing Today's Goals With the Long-Term Health of Your Program The best fundraisers think in terms of both short-term goals…

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