Volunteer Fundraising

Why It Makes Sense to Actively Manage Volunteer Fundraisers’ Portfolios  

Volunteers are more productive and effective fundraisers when they are being actively managed. Clear, organized, and proactive management approaches can transform…

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Your Best Giving Day: Before, During & After  

Does your institution plan a giving day? This fundraising strategy came of age at the same moment that fundraisers began…

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How to Focus Your Volunteer Fundraisers’ Efforts

How to Focus Your Volunteer Fundraisers’ Efforts Getting the best fundraising results with productive volunteers. Your volunteer fundraisers are busy…

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising — Optimized  

Peer-to-peer fundraising really works – a small army of volunteers can effectively engage with their classmates and enhance annual fund operations. Properly deployed, the…

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Starting a Volunteer Fundraising Program

Many Higher Ed institutions have dedicated alumni, students, and other volunteers who help them meet their fundraising goals. Colleges and…

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