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implementing the Reeher platform

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Reeher Adoption

You’ve done the research, appealed to key stakeholders, and implemented the software that’s going to transform your fundraising. You lean back, relax, and wait—now the results will finally roll in, right? Not so fast!

Anyone who has ever implemented software can also attest to a basic truth: your new tools are only useful if end users adopt them. Your teammates are going to be looking to you to find out why they should care about your shiny new tools and how to use them to get the results you’ve promised.

When fundraising teams consistently use their Reeher tools, they get results. On average, Reeher Community institutions see a 51 percent increase in $25k+ donors, a 66 percent increase in new $25k+ donors, and 76 percent increase in visits within their first five years of implementing the Reeher Platform.

Most institutions work with Reeher because they want to set and meet ambitious goals. But without strong adoption rates, their numbers won’t soar as high as they could.

So, how do you get people to adopt new tools?

Help your team become thriving Reeher users

1. Designate an ‘educational partner’

Start out by choosing a member of your team to be a Reeher ‘educational partner.’ This friendly face is your go-to power user to answer questions, help with training, and ensure adoption.

When you have an expert on the ground, it becomes easier for all users to get the most out of your Reeher subscription. Your educational partner can make sure people are using the Reeher tools available to them, offer users tips and tricks, point them in the direction of appropriate training materials, and request additional training when needed.

Educational partners have the personalized support of their designated Reeher customer success team—they’re just a phone call away and can help with everything from one-off questions and training, to best-practice strategies for fundraising success.

2. Harness the power of peer motivation

If you’ve been keeping up with the buzz around peer-to-peer fundraising, you’ve probably seen the social science research about the influence our peers have over our decision-making. Help your team adopt their new tools by making it a collaborative process. Make time for team members to share with each other how they’ve used the tool to accomplish goals both big and small.

At your next team meeting, ask a gift officer to share a story about how they discovered a new major donor using Reeher, or ask an annual giving user to demonstrate how they quickly pulled a segmentation list. One-on-one meetings between users and their managers are also a great time to pull up the platform and look at results together.

3. Require usage and hold staff accountable

When their old processes are still available, users default to what they know instead of using new tools. Besides offering them good training and peer support as they transition to new software, you’ve got to require your users adopt your new tools.

When you’re starting out with the Reeher Platform, your front end fundraisers will suddenly be able to do their own donor research and querying. Encourage users to build their own queries before requesting them from advancement services. Enforce your desired behavior and save on database seats by replacing front-line fundraisers’ access to your donor database with Reeher Platform access.

Normalizing new processes also helps people get over any adoption fear they may be experiencing. Managers who adopt a “if it’s not in Reeher it didn’t happen” approach, see higher adoption rates because people want to get credit for their hard work. Require staff to login to Reeher and confirm that all their visits, proposals, dollars and donors are reflected correctly before their meetings with managers.

4. Help users feel knowledgeable and confident

Users get the most out of the Reeher Platform if they know how to use the tools that are available to them. Your team has access to webinars, new feature updates, and training opportunities so that everyone has what they need to be successful.

Reeher webinars help with basic training, new feature updates, and in-depth training for specific users. Users can sign up for whatever content they find useful—and we take requests for new training resources. Training videos and previous webinars are available for you to watch on-demand.

When we release new features, we send in-app communications to users who would find that feature valuable. We also email system administrators monthly with updates. If it’s a large or important update, someone from Reeher steps on a webinar to walk you through your new capabilities.

Your educational partner is another great teaching resource. He or she can point users in the direction of any training they’re looking for and help answer internal questions when a new feature goes live.

As always, we listen to you. If your team needs additional training or support, let your customer success team know. We’ll make it happen.

5. Keep your data feed up to date

Keeping your data feed up-to-date ensures that users get the right data at the right moment. Your end users are only going to use and love Reeher tools if they trust the data is accurate. New features sometimes require updates to the Reeher data feed, and we know our clients’ business rules are subject to change as new best practices are discovered.

To help you keep track, Reeher periodically releases updated Data Request Guides. We’ll notify you when those are released and we’ll contact you individually if we have questions or concerns about your data feed.

We’ve Got Your Back

You got through the first hurdle and successfully implemented new software. But luckily that means you’ve got what it takes to help your users get as enthused about their new tools as you are.

We want you to be successful, so we’ve got your back. Every Reeher client has an assigned customer success team who leads client training sessions, alerts clients of usage concerns, and offers customized solutions to get all your users on board. Together we’ll make it happen.

Got questions? Want to learn more? You’ll get a real person on the other end:

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