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Are You Doing Everything You Can to Ensure Gift Officer Success? (Infographic)

Managing and retaining talented gift officers is a tough task. The job has all the pressures of a traditional sales role but doesn’t usually offer the financial incentives necessary to earn long-term loyalty. But, turnover can be detrimental to your team’s morale and disruptive to your overall fundraising goal.

The fact is, the longer your gift officers stay with your organization—mastering the systems, practices, and relationships associated with the job—the more productive they become. In higher education fundraising, tenure is critical, as it takes years for major gifts to come to fruition. So, how do you combat gift officer churn? Which KPIs are you tracking for signs of success or distress? A well-designed and executed talent management plan can keep your gift officers satisfied with their jobs and successful in their fundraising.

Our talent management platform can give you a real-time read on your team’s efforts, actions, and performance, which will help you intervene before everyday struggles become serious professional problems.

It can cost up to two times a gift officer’s annual salary to replace an employee, but if you end up having to do so, make sure you consider these key components before adding a new member to your team.


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