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Finding the Donors Who Will Provide the Best ROI

Are you trying to find donors and raise money with limited resources?

Major gift fundraising has been rebounding post-recession. With the improved economy, donors are once again opening their wallets. However, recovery at colleges and universities has been uneven. Some are still looking to close gaps in their budgets, while others are ready to embark on ambitious new projects. Regardless, many institutions are suddenly finding that tuition no longer covers their expenses. Faced with revenue gaps, many fundraisers have found that they are called upon to raise more money and run larger campaigns with flat or even decreasing budgets.

Finding a cost-effective way to identify and approach the strongest prospective donors.

In this new environment, the only way fundraising teams can achieve more with less is to find new, more efficient strategies for finding and approaching donors. Knowing the best donors to target is critical to running a campaign with a strong return on investment.

Currently, Reeher Community Research indicates that 66% of the best donor prospects remain unidentified and unassigned. Finding a cost-effective way to discover who these potential donors are, as well as how best to approach them, is crucial to unlocking your ability to raise more with less.

Understanding your constituency is more than just measuring their wealth.

In our work with university fundraising leaders, we have developed three key views of donor lifetime value that are indispensable tools in determining where best to focus resources:

  • The first view demonstrates the impact that donor affinity has on their inclination to donate.
  • The second view is a matrix of wealth and affinity that identifies untapped potential in your constituency.
  • The third view shows the operational and cost implications of different levels of wealth and affinity.

For an in-depth discussion of how these views can help you find the strongest donors and approach them correctly, download our industry research report. In it you’ll learn:

  • Where to find previously unknown or unassigned prospects with a high probability to donate.
  • How to use a combination of demographic information and behavioral history to determine a donor’s relative level of financial affinity.
  • How to interact with specific donor types to get the best results.
  • How to get the best return on the money you spend fundraising.

Download your copy of Reeher’s industry research report Finding Your Diamonds in the Rough: Knowing Who Your Friends are with an Eye Toward ROI.


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