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Increasing First-Time Visits by Adding More Gift Officers

Find Value in First-Time Visits

What should you consider when deciding whether to add a new gift officer to the team?  We’ve talked about how new officers can play an important role in cultivating Pipeline prospects and creating long-term value for the institution. Increasing first-time visits to these Pipeline prospects is a tremendous way for new gift officers to have a real impact on your ability to reach more donors and raise more dollars. Here’s why:

Why First-Time Visits Are Important 

Reeher analyzed data from Reeher Community institutions on the effect of new assignments and visits. We considered average commitment values before a first-time visit and then compared these results after a visit. This change in giving shows us how the addition of an officer and their contacts add value to a relationship. We looked at a five-year span of before and after a first-time visit.

When looking at five years before a first-time visit, the average commitment giving was $18,326, while five years after a first-time visit, the average commitment giving was $40,754. This suggests the benefits of net new first-time visits and adding more staff to be able to make those visits.

Planting a seed with a first-time visit leads to a big reward over the lifetime of your relationship with the donor. Reeher Community members saw significant increases in commitment gifts even two years before and after a first-time visit. Visits offer both short-term and long-term benefits.  

Are you deploying your development staff in ways that make the best use of time and money? Check out our whitepaper Key Areas to Consider When Adding A Gift Officer to learn more about the different business cases to consider before making your next hire. 

To understand the importance of first-time visits, major giving teams need to accurately track and measure these first-time contacts and the subsequent activities necessary to cultivate the new prospect. Reeher’s Activity Center offers a fast, thorough, and intuitive way for gift officers to log and track contact reports, proposals and internal tasks. This tool eliminates the need to enter contact reports into the donor database as well as providing reminders to complete entries. Contact us to learn how to improve officer compliance and develop a more accurate picture of your donor pipeline.



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