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Where Are Your Best Major Giving Prospects?

Reeher’s research shows that 66% of the best donor prospects remain unidentified and unassigned. These are prospects with both the ability and the propensity to give. As of right now, you’re probably not making any contact with them.

Don’t think you’re able to make room for new prospects in your portfolio? Here are 5 Steps to a Streamlined Major Gifts Portfolio.

It’s always smart to fill your portfolio with the people who are most likely to give. Reeher Community research shows that institutions with gift officer portfolios focused on high-value prospects generated more new major donors than those using net worth alone.

In fact, high-value prospects make up 3% of the population, but raise 49% of total dollars raised. These prospects offer an enormous opportunity to the colleges and universities who are able to find them.

Our research has borne out the importance of high-value prospects to major giving campaigns:

  • After 1 visit with a high-value prospect, you’re 3 times more likely to receive a gift of $25K+ than with all other constituents.
  • Among high-value donors who’ve received at least 2 visits, the average dollars per visit is 64% higher than the average dollars per visit of all other constituents.

These prospects present a fantastic opportunity for your major giving team, but they have to be found and asked first. How do you know if/when a prospect is “high-value?”

The Reeher Platform identifies high-value prospects for you using metrics customized for your institution. Our analysts will uncover what drives inclination at your institution and create a completely unique scoring system specific to your data.

Adding your prospects’ inclination to make a gift makes the predictive scores more accurate than just using wealth screening. With a straight-forward way of prioritizing prospects, Reeher helps gift officers and their managers talk to the right people and receive more donations.

You don’t need to be told that finding the right donors helps you improve your fundraising ROI. Do you want a bit more information on how to get it done? Check out our research report Finding Your Diamonds in the Rough: Knowing Who Your Friends Are with an Eye Toward ROI for actionable insight.

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