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Management Strategies to Help You Develop Pipeline Donors

Spending wisely on your Pipeline donors is one of the most important things you can do for the long-term health of your major gifts program. As you’re adjusting your spending to prioritize the development of a donor pipeline, good management practices will ensure you have processes in place to get a strong return on your Pipeline donor investments. Here are our recommendations for basic processes you should have in place to maximize your return on your fundraising investment.  

Management Strategies to Maximize Your Return on Investment for Pipeline Donor Spending  

Outline what the ideal prospect lifecycle should look like and identify what steps need to occur to move a person to the next stage. Holding the team to a defined process provides clarity, focal points for coaching conversations with staff, and gives your officers a framework to practice the art fundraising.  

  • Review who your officers are visiting. They should be focused on an even distribution of Pipeline prospects in the discovery, cultivation, and solicitation stages.  
  • Emphasize and monitor activity with new prospects and prospects who have never had a face-to-face visit before. 
  • Frequently assess your spending in the Bluebird, Pipeline, and Evergreen categories and make adjustments to balance. Pipeline donors will require the greatest percentage of your resources,   
  • Qualify and approach donors with the highest likelihood and ability to donate. Reeher Community institutions use Reeher’s predictive modeling to find these highly qualified donors.   

Using these suggested management activities as a guide will help you develop a strong, forward-thinking program. It’s possible to provide Evergreen donors with the stewardship they need, while developing your Pipeline donors to deliver gains in the future.  

Reeher’s research data has helped us highlight which activities and investments drive major giving success within a higher education fundraising organization. Our whitepaper Finding Your Diamonds In the Rough: Knowing Who Your Friends Are with an Eye Toward ROI will help you segment wisely to get a strong return on investment.

Grab your copy to find out how processes will help you develop new and sustainable avenues for major giving.  

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