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Management Strategies to Help You Develop Pipeline Donors

Spending wisely on your Pipeline donors is one of the most important things you can do for the long-term health of your major gifts program. As you’re…
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Energize Your Annual Giving Program with a Person-to-Person Fundraising Strategy  

Annual giving teams are under pressure. The numbers show that teams are squeezing more money from fewer donors than they ever have before.   Among Reeher Community…
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Everything You Need to Know to Attract Bluebird, Pipeline & Evergreen Donors

Bluebird, Pipeline, and Evergreen donors should all play a part in your overall fundraising strategy. Each one of these donor types contributes to your institution…
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Understanding Major Gift Sources

What Are Major Gift Sources? Examining major gift sources will help you discover where your investments will do the most to improve your major giving results. Although each college…
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How Are Your Gift Officers Spending Their Time?

Gift Officers Aren't Focused On the Right Prospects  In past work we have investigated the impacts of adding a gift officer to a constituent relationship. While we…
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Where Are Your Best Major Giving Prospects?

Reeher’s research shows that 66% of the best donor prospects remain unidentified and unassigned. These are prospects with both the ability and the propensity to…
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Hiring & Training Gift Officers: Best Practices from Vice President for University Advancement Kent Stanley

Reeher sat down with Minnesota State University, Mankato’s (MSU) Vice President for University Advancement, Kent Stanley to ask him how best practice management strategies impact a fundraising…
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Small Schools Can Have Manageable Prospect Pools Too

The Valuable Prospect That Slipped Through the Cracks   Gift officers are being assigned portfolios with too many prospects in them. Is it possible that some of the…
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