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3 Pillars Supporting Every Top-Performing Gift Officer

Every institution wants top-performing gift officers. These front-line fundraisers know how to connect with prospects, make the ask, and secure the donation. Understanding the secret…
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Maximizing Gift Officers’ Travel Time  

Have you ever spent weeks carefully orchestrating prospect meetings only to have someone bow out at the last minute? Suddenly, your trip has lost some value. Up until…
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Why It Makes Sense to Actively Manage Volunteer Fundraisers’ Portfolios  

Volunteers are more productive and effective fundraisers when they are being actively managed. Clear, organized, and proactive management approaches can transform a volunteer program’s ability to…
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Bluebird Gifts – They Come When You Least Expect it and From Unexpected Places

By Amy Baker Reeher has spent years analyzing types of donors who give to higher education institutions. We have even grouped donors into three distinct…
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4 Markers of a Potential Planned Gift Donor

For an institution on the receiving end, a planned gift can sometimes seem anything but planned. Often these generous gifts arrive out of the blue.…
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How to Streamline Your Major Gifts Portfolio in 5 Steps

The average officer's major gifts portfolio size has ballooned. Industry standard is to give each gift officer around 150 prospects, but our research shows that the actual number can…
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Fundraising More With Less

With tight budgets, and in many cases, tuition not covering operating costs, institutions have to rely on sound fundraising to make ends meet. Often when institutions…
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How Fundraisers Can Use Alumni Life Stage to Guide Their Interaction

Current Engagement Strategies Aren't Working Understanding the life stage of your alumni helps you engage with them correctly. When your message resonates with your constituents,…
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