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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising — Optimized  

Peer-to-peer fundraising really works – a small army of volunteers can effectively engage with their classmates and enhance annual fund operations. Properly deployed, the shared set of experiences, values and memories helps volunteers secure donations and build their classmates’ relationships with advancement. Volunteers have the potential to do amazing work, but if they don’t have the tools, they won’t be effective.  

Reeher’s research shows that the majority of prospects fundraising volunteers approach are in the lowest Probability to Donate Index (PDI) bracket. It makes sense – if an institution does not have an easy way of identifying and assigning prospects with high PDIs, volunteers will choose to contact friends, acquaintances and classmates they know well. Hand-picked friends and acquaintances may not have a high likelihood of donating and inefficiency mounts as the volunteer must connect with many more peers to meet his or her donor or dollar goals. To maximize solicitation efficiency, institutions must find a way to encourage volunteers to contact donors in the highest PDI brackets.  

Without data-driven, easily used software, volunteer fundraising campaigns are falling short of their potential. Reeher’s Class Agent streamlines volunteer fundraising campaigns and gives your volunteers an easy way to identify and assign themselves prospects in higher PDI brackets. When volunteers re-prioritize their efforts to the top of the curve, they’ll be working smarter, not harder and will be producing the most dollars for the least amount of effort.   

Trying to create a successful volunteer fundraising program? Here are our tips: Going Back to the Basics: Creating A High-Achieving Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Program  

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