Community Benchmarks & Research

When colleges and universities subscribe to the Reeher Platform, they gain more than cutting-edge software—they also gain a powerful community of knowledge.

Reeher is in a unique position to study donor data and behavior in order to make connections and share benchmark results with its community of institutions. You’ll have instant access to the best practices of your higher education peers and get the same updates and upgrades we create to match your emerging needs.

When one benefits, all benefit.

Our shared management system captures data on constituent predictions and wealth estimates as well as metrics on giving behavior, visits, appeals and proposals from 28 million individual constituents and more than 100 institutions. The primary purpose of the data is to define new, data-driven best practices for higher education fundraising. Additionally, the data is used to formulate strategy, develop next-generation platform modules and create educational curricula for all Reeher Platform users.


learn from your peers

Subscribers to the Reeher Platform are provided benchmarks based on other institutions, according to the U.S. News and World Report’s classifications.

Being part of a peer group enables you to:

  • Benchmark your progress and performance compared to other schools like yours
  • Gain the insight needed to adjust and improve your current fundraising approach based on best practices, management scorecards,and collaborative training
  • Receive advice, knowledge, curricula and research to help you confidently set your strategic direction

Guiding Change Through Collaboration

Reeher aims to ensure that advancement organizations can proceed into the future with confidence. By collaborating with our customers, we are transforming fundraising into an effective, efficient business practice that can achieve sustainable results.

No organization has to travel this road alone. We remain committed to working with our customers to find ways to work smarter and to achieve peak performance, knowing our collective efforts can benefit so many.

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