Leadership Team

We exist to help colleges and universities raise more money and
spend less doing it.

Our Visionaries


President & CEO

With more than two decades of experience in consumer marketing, executive leadership, and entrepreneurship, Andy has made a career of the application of data to improve organization performance. Andy served in a variety of management roles, including Vice President for Marketing at Deluxe Corporation.


Vice President & CFO

Rod O’Connor serves in a multidimensional role at Reeher, overseeing the company’s financial strategy and growth. He also works with customers to understand their specific needs, and provides customer direction and feedback on product development and design.


Vice President of Customer Success

Diane Rafferty Jordan leads the Customer Success team at Reeher, ensuring that Reeher Platform subscribers have the support and training they need for a positive user experience, as well as the insights and industry analysis they need to improve their institution’s fundraising performance.


Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Kyle leads the charge to change the way colleges and universities raise money. His team is responsible for Reeher’s enterprise sales, inside sales, and business development. Kyle has worked at Reeher since 2015 and has spoken with hundreds of college and university fundraising professionals.


Vice President of Technology

Blake Bristow strives to live in a world where everything can be fixed using creativity, hard work and an electrical outlet. As vice president of technology at Reeher, he’s at the helm of the engineering, delivery, security and expansion of the company’s SaaS platform to accommodate customer growth and changing needs.


Vice President of Marketing

Mike Bernard leads marketing efforts at Reeher. He has worked in the digital marketing space for more than 15 years. Mike specializes in using marketing to predictably boost revenue, make decisions based on data, and measure real success.

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