Enabling Gift Officer Success


With so many demands facing gift officers, the last thing you want is your team stuck behind a desk handling administrative tasks. Your gift officers’ valuable time is best spent out of the office—connecting with prospective donors and nurturing relationships.Using the Reeher Platform toolset, officers can target the right prospects, in less time—giving your institution a distinct, unparalleled advantage when it comes to reaching your fundraising goals.

Staffing challenges stymie results

Discover Your Most Valuable Activities – and Do More of Them!

You need to be able to connect your victories to specific actions. The Reeher Platform helps you leverage your officers and engage your donors more effectively with insights into gift officer achievements. Learn which activities yield the best results and encourage your department to concentrate on the ones that matter most.

By working with Reeher, you can set appropriate goals and targets for individuals or groups—making it easier to track progress and coach or assist officers in securing high-value gifts more quickly.

Pass Relevant Information to Your Fundraisers

Your officers need to have access to the right information to bring in more dollars and donors. When you work with Reeher, your officers will have what they need at their fingertips, in an easily accessible user interface.

Reeher's relationship profile

Reeher’s Relationship Profile presents all the detailed information on a prospect in one screen, making it easy for frontline fundraisers to find the information and prep for prospect visits.

With Reeher, you don’t have to worry about your staff missing an important prospect’s activity. Push Notifications are delivered to your inbox, alerting you to new information, such as upcoming birthdays, recent gifts or overdue tasks. This means your officers and fundraisers are always looking at timely, relevant information and driving the success of your advancement organization.

Reeher Viewports and the Targeter tool enable gift officers to quickly view and customize their own reports without requiring assistance from advancement services.

What’s more, Reeher Mobile, available for Apple iOS or Android, provides details of individual donors, portfolio overviews, and advanced search capabilities to your team when they’re on the road, so your teams spend more time visiting with prospects and less time accessing or requesting information.

The Reeher Difference

  • Push Notifications: Relevant donor information brought to your inbox
  • Relationship Profile: Detailed donor information, all on a single screen
  • Viewports: On-demand and customized reporting
  • Targeter: Map the location of your prospects to plan visits and events, and develop strategy
  • Officer Goals: Track your progress to individual or group targets
  • Reeher Mobile App: For Apple iOS or Android, stay informed while on the go
  • Single Sign-On: One-click access to the Platform, with increased security
  • Streamlined Contact Reports: Enter contact reports right into the Reeher Platform

Best Practice Modules for Frontline Fundraisers

Several Best Practice Modules are also available to help accelerate the success of your gift officers.

Activity Center

With Activity Center, Gift officers will be given the proper tools to easily and accurately enter and manage contact reports, proposals, and tasks right into the Reeher Platform. Managers can track these activities and measure Gift Officers’ success on a daily basis. This feature rich tool allows officers to link related contacts, tasks, proposals to one another, providing consistent processes and an easy way to capture prospect history, even when it spans over multiple years and resources.

Donor Discovery™

Donor Discovery is a Best Practice Module that provides immediate, on-demand access to detailed wealth information, as well as batch screening capability, to meet the needs of both gift officers and prospect researchers.

Donor Discovery uses wealth data from our technology partner DonorSearch. The unique on-demand access gives front-line fundraisers the ability to pull current and reliable data as they prepare to meet with a prospect or prepare a proposal. Prospect researchers can also work more efficiently and with fewer costs. Combined with the Reeher Platform’s predictive models of prospects’ affinity to give, they can greatly reduce the volume of batch wealth screenings by eliminating those with low inclination. Click here for more information.

Class Agent Fundraising

Class Agent Fundraising takes all the guesswork out of managing volunteers. This Best Practice Module aids college and university volunteer fundraising programs, such as class agent or reunion giving programs, in managing and communicating with volunteers more efficiently during peak solicitation periods. For more information on Class Agent Fundraising, click here.