Identifying the Best Prospects

If you want to increase your donors and dollars, you need to look beyond conventional systems like “recency, frequency, and monetary value,” and consider which attributes of your constituents (major life events, degree type, or other social factors) can be used to predict their affinity to your specific institution.You need this information so your development officers can narrow their focus and spend more time with high-value prospects.

The fact is, 56 percent of your best prospects remain unidentified and unassigned.


accurately focus your outreach

When you target your prospects based solely on wealth, you miss out on significant donation opportunities and may waste resources pursuing wealthy individuals with little inclination to give to your organization. When you work with Reeher, each donor is given a score that takes inclination, capacity, and your organization’s profile into consideration.

Those scores are used throughout the Reeher Platform, so you can pull lists and identify the best prospects for each of your fundraising initiatives. This way, you will be able to systematically prioritize and move through your prospect pool. That’s how you best leverage your fundraising staff and enhance the impact of your efforts.

The Reeher difference:

  • Predictive Scores: Custom-built predictive models that are specific to your organization
  • Targeter: In-the-moment, user-friendly data access and ad hoc reporting

Will help you:

  • Measure a Prospect’s Inclination to Your Institution: With this information, you will be able to pinpoint your top prospects and reach them at the right time. Scores are updated every year, so your data will never be out-of-date.
  • Promote Efficiency Within Your Advancement Team: Having all the data in the world isn’t useful if you can’t access it when you need it. When you work with Reeher, your gift officers and fundraisers will be able to access data they need — on any device, at any time — and be more independent and effective.

Institutions that focus gift officer portfolios on these top prospects generate more major gifts, as approximately 60 percent of dollars come from high-potential prospects.

Are You a Smaller Institution and Need a Way to Get Started?

For smaller college and university advancement teams who need to identify and prioritize high-value prospective donors, the Reeher Platform, Gateway Package is the ideal entry-level product offering. It delivers predictive models and key performance indicators that have been proven across a community of participating institutions, as well as benchmarking and best-practice guidance from the Reeher Community.