Identifying the Right Fundraising Strategy

You joined your organization to take active steps towards advancing its mission—not to endorse the same approaches that have fallen short in the past. And you employ gift officers and fundraisers to support you in that endeavor—not to get by with trial and error.

But it’s not always easy to create the right plan. Common metrics and indicators are often misleading. You may think you have the right measures in place because top line giving is strong compared to previous years. But if you take away your top 50 donors, what does your participation rate really look like? Focusing on big gifts is all well and good, but it’s not enough to ensure longterm success. Eventually, you risk not having the pipeline in place to secure the future.

62% of executives say strategy planning is more difficult today than it was ten years ago.

Inform Your Strategy

You need to create a clearly defined path that your staff can follow, so their contributions can make a difference in a meaningful way. When you work with Reeher, you will have access to community insights, through benchmarks and research, to help you customize the best plan for your institution. Once that plan is in place, you can identify weak and strong performance areas to drive success.

The Right Plan for Your Organization

It starts with using benchmarks and best-in-class industry research to inform a strategy tailored to your organization. It continues with consultation with a Customer Success Manager—a higher education expert who walks you through your key performance indicators—so you can prioritize your campaigns. And it doesn’t stop there. You will meet quarterly with your Customer Success Manager, your personal success coach, to ensure you continue progressing throughout the year. When you work with Reeher, you use a data-driven approach to evaluate and improve your performance so you can increase dollars and donors, retain talent, and maximize your team’s potential.

Inform your strategy with Reeher, supported by our customer success managers.

The Reeher Difference:

  • Vista Score Card: Metrics-driven report card
  • Customer Success Manager: Your personal success coach
  • Research: Benchmarks and information based on your industry