Leveraging Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer fundraisers: They’re key to your success, but logistically they can be challenging to manage. Many institutions have difficulty managing communication and monitoring the progress of hundreds, or even thousands, of volunteers with processes like spreadsheets and email that are frequently inefficient and highly manual.

That’s why Reeher designed the first online and mobile tool to help institutions manage volunteers in your fundraising program. Now, you can easily assign and manage volunteers, and track their progress on their tasks. Mobile and web applications for volunteers to use also make it easy for them to report their progress and remain engaged.

Class Agent Fundraising Best Practice Module

With Reeher’s Class Agent Fundraising Solution, we take all the guesswork out of managing volunteers. This best practice module is designed to aid colleges and universities with volunteer fundraising programs, such as class agent or reunion giving programs, enabling you to manage and communicate with volunteers more efficiently during peak solicitation periods and to ensure you get the best results when it comes to achieving fundraising goals. TRY IT for FREE for 14 DAYS

The Class Agent Fundraising Solution provides:

  • An online management dashboard that lets staff make assignments, communicate with volunteers and monitor their progress. Within this portal, university managers can assign prospects to each volunteer based on commonalities such as graduation year, major, dorm they lived in, etc. University staff can also track results — either by individual volunteer or for the overall volunteer campaign.
  • A web portal for volunteers to see their assignments and get the information they need to make the “asks” of their peers. The portal provides prioritized prospect lists with commonalities and contact information, solicitation scripts, and the ability for volunteers to record and track the results of their outreach. University managers can view these results from their portal, and also export the data if needed.
  • Apple iOS and Android mobile apps (integrated with the web portal) for volunteers to quickly contact their assigned prospects and file their contact and status reports. Using their phones or iPads, volunteers can look up prospect phone numbers, call or email prospects directly from the app, and record the results all with one easy tool.


“When Reeher invited us to try the Class Agent Fundraising Solution, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” says Noelle Marchaj, senior associate director of annual giving at Trinity College. “With our initial use, we are impressed with how easy the solution is to use, and the robust features that allow us to streamline the process, improving efficiency and productivity. It also allows us to rank and compare class results, and simplifies communications to large groups of volunteers through the application or email notifications, further saving staff time.”