Optimizing Annual Funds & Appeals

Measuring the success of your annual giving programs and appeals can be tricky. How many different segments should you target? How many communication channels should you use? With so many variables, how do you determine if your program strategy is paying off? Is it helping you increase your dollars and donors?

Better Metrics Lead to Greater Success

With the Reeher Platform, Annual Giving leaders have access to the latest performance metrics, with up-to-date snapshots on donors and dollars compared to this time last year, and on the cost, productivity and efficiency of your annual giving appeals – so you can make smart, informed adjustments to your giving strategies. By monitoring which channels donors use to give, your staff can better track appeal success and uncover valuable insight into the effectiveness of each channel. Plus, you’ll gain information on different constituent segments, how donors are moving between gift bands, and view individual prospects’ results as well as institution-wide reporting on dollar and donor values.


Every year, Reeher customers leverage the Platform to prove that it is possible to increase both dollars and donors with a well-run annual fund program.

In the past, colleges and universities have relied on LYBUNT and SYBUNT segmentation strategies to target their constituents. In reality, however, these approaches leave money on the table. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of segmentation, Reeher uses predictive modeling to score all your annual giving relationships based on their probability to donate and their capacity to make a gift.

These scores, combined with our unique Six Square Segmentation approach, inform a segmentation strategy that allows advancement organizations to prioritize and focus their resources on the segments that achieve the highest ROI.

“We saw a 15% increase in our annual giving donor counts year over year. This is the first time in two decades since the university has seen those results.”
— Cheryl Karashin, Director of Annual Giving, Duquesne University

The Reeher Difference:

  • Test the effectiveness of annual fund appeals
  • Compare spending by communication channel to other institutions
  • Measure the ROI of phone vs. mail vs. email or web
  • Increase number of donors and dollars

  • Increase the average gift value
  • Retain past participants
  • Measure campaign success more effectively