Class Agent helps volunteer fundraisers easily solicit donations from classmates

Class Agent | Overview

Powerful and intuitive tools for volunteer fundraisers and their managers.

Annual giving leaders are expected to continuously grow dollars and donors to hit increasingly challenging goals. Class Agent provides the user-friendly software and back-end reporting tools your institution needs to execute successful volunteer fundraising campaigns. Class Agent is specifically designed to address the unique project management, communication, and reporting needs of volunteer fundraising programs.

Empower Your Agents

Class Agent makes your volunteers more efficient, allowing your institution to contact more prospective donors and generate more gifts.

Share Your Progress

Class Agent includes tools that let managers easily share resources with volunteers. Simple progress charts let volunteers know their progress towards campaign goals.

Connect Anywhere

Let your volunteers do their work from anywhere – our mobile app includes tools to make solicitations, track success, and follow-up with donors.

Your volunteers don’t have the time or the resources to contact every prospect— besides, it’s demoralizing when every prospect they contact says “no.” Class Agent segments your constituents based on the likelihood that they’ll donate. Volunteers bring in more dollars when they contact donors with the highest probability to donate.

How it works: Class Agent uses predictive modeling to find your strongest prospects. Models draw from more than 300 variables unique to your organization to provide solutions that are customized for your institution. Once you’ve identified who is most likely to donate, it becomes easier to segment based on class year, interests, and more.

Class Agent | Manage Your Volunteers

Volunteer management used to be all about juggling multiple spreadsheets with large groups of people, but not anymore. With Class Agent you can assign prospects, provide messaging, send updates, and track results all from one place.

The intuitive staff interface makes it easy to leverage your data to improve your program. Gain visibility into your donor database, analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, assign lead volunteers, and keep track of goals all from one login.

Volunteers shouldn’t spend extra time figuring out their tools, so Class Agent puts the information they need right at their fingertips. Whether volunteers are logging in on their phones, or on a desktop, they’ll be able to work efficiently to find prospects, view scripts, log activity, and input results.

Class Agent | Analyze Your Results

All great volunteer programs track their activities and their progress to see what works and what doesn’t. Class Agent makes this process easier. No need to request and then wait for your campaign stats to be pulled—Class Agent lets you view your campaign statistics in realtime. Monitor your goals, present results, and plan for your next successful campaign.

What customers say about Class Agent

“Class Agent is extremely user friendly. It’s easy for volunteers to login and complete all of their contacts. Class Agent has quickly become an integral tool in our peer-to-peer fundraising strategy.”

Raj Chaphalkar – Director of Annual Giving

St. John’s University

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