The Reeher Platform helps you raise more money
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The Reeher Platform | Overview

As an advancement professional, you are constantly trying to expand your outreach, increase contributions, and attract new donors. It’s a challenging set of tasks and even the most successful fundraisers want to improve their processes. The Reeher Platform makes the important work of fundraising easier and more efficient.

Predictive Models

Immediately identify your most important prospective donors. Custom predictive models prioritize your constituents by their inclination and capacity to give.

Web-Based Tools

Access powerful fundraising resources wherever you are. SaaS-based tools and mobile applications make fundraising easy whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

The Reeher Community

Benefit from the data and insight collected from Reeher Community institutions. Leverage shared knowledge to meet fundraising goals and define best practices.

Reeher brings science to the art of fundraising to ensure your advancement team’s success.

The Reeher Platform | Raise More Money

When it comes to higher ed fundraising, increasing donations is about using the resources you have in more efficient ways. Focusing on big gifts is a good place to start, but that can only be one component in your overall strategy.

Sixty-two percent of executives say strategy planning is more difficult today than it was ten years ago. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution.



The Reeher Platform helps you raise more money by making your gift officers more efficient. It helps them identify giving trends and potential prospect pools they’ve overlooked. It also improves their approach by creating a clearly defined path they can follow to ensure they’re completing each of their assigned daily tasks. And, it improves ROI by connecting victories to specific actions, which keeps everyone engaged in and accountable to the team’s overall success.

The Reeher Platform | Identify Your Best Prospects

You’re trying to hit your goals with limited time, energy, and budget. Why exhaust your resources contacting people who will never donate? Reeher uses predictive modeling to find your donor database’s strongest prospects. This helps you place your resources where they’ll have the most impact—towards constituents with the highest likelihood of donating.

Reeher predictive models integrate with your donor database and are built specifically for your institution. Use these sophisticated, algorithm-driven forecasting tools to identify high-value constituents in your database—even ones who were previously unknown or unassigned. Additionally, support from third-party data provides you with wealth information on your constituents.

The Reeher Platform | Improve Gift Officer Efficiency

The fact is, your gift officers’ time is best spent outside the office—connecting with prospective donors and nurturing relationships. But, it takes more than just perpetual motion to build an efficient fundraising team.

The Reeher Platform provides gift officers the tools they need to easily and accurately enter and manage contact reports, proposals, and tasks in real time. It allows officers to link together related contacts, tasks, proposals, and prospect history, even when the information spans multiple years and resources

What’s more, managers have full visibility into all logged activities, so they can measure gift officers’ achievements daily. The platform will help you learn which activities yield the best results and encourage your department to concentrate on the ones that matter most.

The Reeher Platform | Strengthen Annual Giving

Annual giving teams are tasked with growing dollars and donors—and the goals keep getting more ambitious. Use Reeher to gain insight into your donor database and facilitate self-service reporting on campaigns, donors, and processes. With the help of tools and reporting built specifically for annual giving work, teams can leverage their information to make informed strategic choices and strengthen the health of their program.

The Reeher Platform | Engage More Alumni

Alumni relations teams have a lot on their minds: How do you get more of the right people to come to events? Which events and opportunities will best reflect the interests and priorities of the people who want to be involved with their alma mater? How do you maintain the growing alumni participation rates required by the university?

Reeher custom predictive modeling and toolsets make it easier to identify highly engaged alumni for volunteering, speaking, events, and donations. With efficient, action-oriented access to information on your constituents, you can generate contact lists by location, interests, engagement score, and more.

The Reeher Platform | Receive Strategic Guidance

Every night, the Reeher Platform records 140 million transactions from 35 million individual constituents. The system gathers information on gift officer visits, appeals, and proposals and uses it to predict giving behavior, identify potential donors, and benchmark your team’s progress against peer schools. It sounds complicated, right? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

One of the most valuable components of the Reeher Platform is the guidance provided by our customer success team. Each school is assigned a customer success team who provides advice, knowledge, training, and strategic direction to optimize your fundraising approach. Think of your customer success team as a fundraising Sherpa—their job is to help you avoid pitfalls and plot a course that will achieve your mission as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What customers say about The Reeher Platform

“Our staff has been able to be so much closer to the information they need to be effective and efficient. They can be curious about their own data and information, and utilize it in ways that meet their work style and their needs.”

Pam Rollins – Director of Advancement Analytics

Temple University

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