Talent Mangement helps you hire strategically, position officers for success, and retain your top performers

Talent Management | Overview

Talent Management is designed specifically for colleges and universities that recognize a need for a talent manager on their advancement teams, have large fundraising teams—i.e., more than eight gift officers and raise more than $30 million per year—and have leaders that are focused on raising money and proactively improving performance across their entire teams.

Talent management helps advancement leaders build and manage their teams better. It provides major giving leadership the ability to select gift officers more strategically in the hiring phase; intervene earlier to provide guidance and direction to ensure the best opportunity for success; and identify, retain, and showcase their fundraising superstars.

Talent management can also help reduce gift officer churn and preserve fundraising momentum by providing an at-a-glance record of gift officers’ history, prior goals, performance to date, and other metrics that can predict success or failure.

Talent Management | Reduce Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is costly and disruptive. Departing officers bring in 2.5 times more dollars than first-year officers and poor performers impact team morale and undermine your ability to meet your goals.

Reeher can help you reduce gift officer churn and preserve fundraising momentum by helping you identify areas where your gift officers are succeeding or struggling. Our platform lets you track day-to-day activities—i.e., visit activity, proposal activity, pipeline size, etc.—that paint a clear picture of whether your gift officers are trending toward success or failure.

 Talent Management | Create Useful Goals

Too often, gift officer goals are based solely on dollars and cents. Reeher helps you look deeper into the metrics to set goals against first-time visits, prospect visits, new proposals, contact frequency, and progress against forecast.

This approach teaches you to set achievable, intuitive, useful goals that will motivate your team, improve their overall performance, and help you manage their strengths and weaknesses.

 Talent Management | See How You Stack Up

Reeher leverages its community of more than 140 higher ed institutions to help you compare your team’s performance against peer schools and continuously optimize your fundraising strategy to get the most out of your team.

Our customer success team can help you identify areas that need improvement and recommend a customized solution for your institution.

Talent Management | Nurture Your Team

Our officer trading cards provide an at-a-glance record of your gift officer’s history, prior goals, performance to date, and other success metrics to help you identify trends in their performance. This view will let you identify and diagnose frustrations and pain points before they become real problems for your institution.

Talent Management | Monitor Program Health

Operating reports provide you with up-to-date metrics on overall program health. Self-service reporting makes it easy to track and share the latest information without requesting or waiting for reports. This easy and shareable feature is a quick way to check your program’s vital signs.

Talent Management | Reward Top Performers

Reeher’s prime officer program offers special certification and awards for the highest-performing gift officers across all 140+ schools within the Reeher Community. This allows you to showcase your rising star’s contribution to the institution and motivate the rest of your team to achieve more.

Build an Exceptional Team

Use Talent Management to set up your major giving team for success