Reeher ROI Calculator

For Higher Ed Advancement

If you are interested in a faster way to higher performance, and have ever wondered what the Reeher Platform might mean to your fundraising results, calculate how Reeher can help your institution achieve greater results at a faster rate similar to other advancement organizations like yours.

ROI Calculator



25th Percentile $287,958 $331,152 $575,917
75th Percentile $496,210 $570,642 $992,421

Years After Reeher Platform Implementation

Based on the data you provided, along with the ROI analysis of customers who have used the Reeher Platform for at least three fiscal years, we anticipate your results to be between the 25th and 75th percentile when fundraising best practices associated with the Reeher Platform are used.

For a complete report on what this means to you, contact us for a customized analysis.