Contacting Support

Our internal customer care experts and technicians always strive to provide exceptional customer service and can be contacted with the information below:

Web: and click Technical Support


Phone: 651-313-6000, option 2

Our support team is staffed Monday through Friday 8:30am-8pm ET, excluding holidays.


Users can check the availability of the Reeher’s Services by visiting Reeher’s Status Page.


Reeher provides care and support to users at all levels of your organization, from executive leadership, to program and officer management, to frontline fundraisers. The goal is to maximize the value of the Reeher Platform for everyone on your team.

Technical support will be available for Platform Users, Volunteer Managers, and OneAppeal Managers.

Supporting the Volunteer Users within Class Agent is the Customer’s responsibility.  It is also the OneAppeal Managers responsibility to support the Concurrent Agent Users.

Platform Users can use the above channels to submit issues with the application, ask questions on how to use the Subscription Services, or to make any suggestions.  Reeher will use its reasonable efforts to respond to (not resolve) all emails by the end of the next business day.  If more immediate assistance is necessary, the Platform Users, Volunteer Managers, and OneAppeal Managers may contact Reeher support via phone.